On June 29th and 30th, Podomoro University’s first year students in the entrepreneurship program participated in a start-up fair “Youthpreneur in Action 2019” at Kuningan City Mall. At this event ANGIN and Connector.ID were asked to speak to the university and high school students present at the event. 

David Soukhasing represented ANGIN. He was asked by the moderator of the panel many questions about different scenarios and how each affects an entrepreneurs’ chance of being invested in. David emphasized, “Team is crucial. We want people with heart and skin in the game,” when answering questions of this nature. Furthermore attendees asked about the different types of startups that ANGIN specifically invests in which led the discussion to ANGIN’s project with AWS and UNDP, Connector.ID.

Connector.ID was represented by Emily Izmirian, Candice (Jiaying) Li, and Jacob Johann Wee. In the presentation they described the mission of the platform and how it helps entrepreneurs, like the students at the event, be connected with funding from different capital providers.

The ANGIN and Connector.ID team were happy to be involved with this event and learn about the local startup ecosystem of the university. They saw much exciting potential.



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