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For Startup Who Need Funding


What we need from you is to prepare an investment deck to be shared to our investment team. Then you can fill in our questionnaire to complete your fundraising application here. What’s most important are a solid and scalable solution, a defensible product, and a solid team.

We consider various factors including product-market fit, market condition, team background and competitive landscape to name a few. Our review will take into account the type of business and industry you are in.

Our investor network can provide various investment instruments, from debt, equity, to other instruments like SAFE agreement and convertible notes. However, we do not provide grants.

You will have to repay the investors if you obtain debt to fund your startup. In this case, you will negotiate when the principal will be paid and how much interest rate will be applied. Please note that different types of investment will require different arrangements.

Any valuation and target rate of return are determined between you and the investors.

We do not charge startup applicants for a connection to our investors network, instead we charge an annual membership to our investors for our services.

For Investor Who Want to Sign Up as Members


We are sector agnostic and consider companies operating different business models regardless of their industry, mission (i.e. impact or commercial) and operation (i.e. online or offline).

It depends on the type of instrument you are investing. If you provide debt, you will get repaid based on a particular schedule, consisting of principal and interest payment.

If you invest in equity, you will typically get paid back when you “exit the company” or sell the stock to the other investors later on. Please note that different types of investment will require different arrangements.

There are always risks in any kind of investment. We will suggest you to understand your risk appetite before committed in an investment. However, our team can also provide support in pre-investment, execution, and post-investment stage to manage certain risks. See our services here.

See our explanation on fundraising journey here.

For Organization Who Want to Engage with ANGIN Impact


Please fill ANGIN Impact form here, we will review your request and will schedule a meeting with you.

ANGIN appreciates privacy and ethics code of conducts. We will ask for your permission to share or inform your private organization

No. We do have several partners that might be able to help. You can see the types of funding you can obtain in

We take pride in our highly competent in-house team. Through their vigorous efforts we are able to provide top-notch information. They also ensure that these vast information are conveniently accessible for you


Are you passionate about developing Indonesia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem? We are searching for high-performing talents to work with us!

It has always been a pleasure and experience to welcome both foreign and local students who are passionate about creating impact and learn more about the Indonesian professional landscape. We have already welcomed more than 10 interns from over the last two years and trained even more (~20) from Indonesian, Europe and the US. From SMA (Senior High School) to MBA students, we have been opened to give more learning and leadership opportunities to students/young professionals. We like to invest in young people who wants to learn about impact investment, investing in early stage companies, research work, consulting/capacity building, technology startups. We treat our interns as fully part of the team and they will get a full leadership and professional immersion.

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