Welcoming our new Angel, Iwan Murty

Iwan Murty is a passionate marketing researcher, a keen observer of consumer behaviour and brand, an entrepreneur and experienced CEO.

Iwan has more than 24 years experiences in the research industry. During this time, he had set up 4 research agencies. Two were multinational agencies: Research International and Ipsos in Indonesia.

In 2015, Iwan left the research industry and applied his skills and experiences in new ventures.  He set up a few new companies, sits on the board and mentors few startup companies.  Some of his companies are Merdi Intar Sinau (MISI – www.misi.id ) – a Professional Development Centre, Star4Hire (www.star4hire.com) – a job placement platform specializing in the hospitality area, and IZY (www.izy.ai) – hotel and guest platform.  He also brought IDOOH (www.idooh.com) – an platform for interactive out-of-home media, to Indonesia from Singapore.

He holds a degree in Business Marketing from Monash University Australia and a MBA degree from National University of Singapore.  He worked and lived for a while in Australia back in the 90s.


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