From the Ground and Beyond

Started from an initiative named “Women Spotlight”, now the “Spotlight” had grown to be a signature program of ANGIN Impact. Through our “Spotlight”, we aim to showcase inspiring stories of leaders and entrepreneurs throughout Indonesia and beyond, stories that so often go unheard. Not just another storytelling, we deliver the story to powerful stakeholders who can bring real, powerful impact beyond sectoral networks.


ANGIN x Oxfam Women Spotlight “Stories of Tenun Weavers”

This story of tenun, Lomboknese weaving, is told by eight women who make their living from traditional weaving, in Pringgasela (East Lombok) and Sukarara (Central Lombok). Their stories are deeply rooted within their heritage, culture, their struggle to develop progressively, and of course, their dreams. 


ANGIN x UBS Bank Women Spotlight

Angin and UBS highlight the women in social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Indonesia. Each of the women plays a crucial role in nurturing social entrepreneurship. The Spotlight includes women CEOs, founders in various industry sectors of entrepreneurship; and aims to leverage their role as the women behind the guns


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