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The early stage investment process can be a cumbersome and time-intensive process, especially for individuals and institutions who are new to Indonesia’s early stage investment, with no staff on the ground or the right network. ANGIN’s dedicated team facilitates your investment journey; from providing you access to curated deals, market intelligence, up to portfolio management and support. 

We have designed packaged service bundles and also provide on-demand services for our clients to support their investment process.

Today, we have more than 95 investors and partners trusting us. From high net worth individuals, foundations, VC, impact investors or corporates, you will find with ANGIN Investment a service to support your engagement with entrepreneurs.

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ANGIN is not a fund and we do not collect capital from investors. We rather decided to work around a membership structure with packaged service bundles along flexible on-demand services to better support our clients. ANGIN’s membership is available to both individuals and organizations. Learn more about how to join ANGIN below.


  • Weekly curated deals
  • Monthly pitching sessions
  • Invitation to events and networks
  • Investor push profile (standard)
  • Monthly investment report

Start from

IDR 4 million

(~USD 300/year)


  • Weekly curated deals
  • Monthly pitching sessions
  • Invitation to events and networks
  • Investor push profile (standard)
  • Monthly investment report
  • Initial due diligence (5/year)


  • Weekly curated deals
  • Monthly pitching sessions
  • Invitation to events and networks
  • Investor push profile (standard)
  • Monthly investment report
  • Initial due diligence (5/year)
  • In-depth due diligence (2/year)
  • Support deal execution
  • Access to trainings


  • Tailored deal sourcing
  • Learning trips
  • Market intelligence
  • Due Diligence
  • Deal execution
  • Portfolio management
  • Research




How to Apply

Learn more about how to join ANGIN below.

01Select your service package

02Fill in the application form

03Meet our team

04Sign the Service Agreement and proceed with payment

05Congratulations, you are now part of ANGIN’s network!

About Investment Journey Process

How do we process the investment opportunities for our clients.

Companies Questionnaire Layer 1 (L1)

Entrepreneurs fill the first questionnaire to begin their fundraising journey with ANGIN. They share essential information about their company for a first assessment.

Companies Questionnaire Layer 2 (L2)

Only shortlisted entrepreneurs receive this second questionnaire. The second questionnaire is more qualitative and will help our team decide to call or meet the entrepreneurs in person.

One-on-One meeting

Selected entrepreneurs will be invited to meet one of our team members to discuss further the funding application. It will last at least an hour and will allow our team to better assess the potential for our investors.

Investment Committee

Based on the information collected previously, our investment team will internally discuss the entrepreneur's proposal and decide if it will be showcased to ANGIN’s investors.

Showcase Campaigns

Once the entrepreneur is selected to be showcased, we will organize pitching sessions, exclusive email push, and/or direct messages campaign to ANGIN’s investors. Our team will be supporting the entrepreneurs to prepare their campaign and to get them ready to engage with investors. We will also facilitate the connection between entrepreneurs and investors if there is any interest.

Due Diligence Execution

Our investors might request our team to conduct deeper analysis on the companies and/or support them during the execution phase (e.g. contract drafting). ANGIN’s team remains available to support the entrepreneurs along the process.


Chosen companies finally get their investment! By leveraging our network and partners, our team will continue to support the invested entrepreneurs. It includes recruitment support, reporting, key introduction, and follow-on investment. We are striving to bring additional values to entrepreneurs invested by ANGIN investors.



You are welcome to sign up as an individual or as an instution, to register as our member please fill your information below

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