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A closer look at ANGIN. Meet the team  working behind the scenes to shape Indonesia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem!

Our Story

Story about how ANGIN was founded.


Brewing Time

ANGIN was born in as a project within a USAID-funded non profit entity named GEPI (Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia). GEPI was formally established in January 2011 by a group of 13 prominent business leaders in Indonesia. GEPI was also part of a wider global initiative called the Global Entrepreneurship Program (GEP), which grew from an initiative of President Obama and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. For the old souls of the industry, GEPI was the first accelerator and even coworking space operating in Indonesia. It supported some of the now successful startups such as GOJEK, who got awarded USD 10,000 from GEPI in 2011.


The Creation of ANGIN

As a lot of grant-funded organisation, GEPI’s funding started to run out and discussions started to emerge on how to ensure a continuity of GEPI’s mission post grant funding. In 2016, David Soukhasing supported by some GEPI Board Members saw an opportunity to spin off ANGIN from GEPI and turned ANGIN into a brand new for-profit venture. At that time, all the foundations needed to be built: The website, the logo, the team, and all of the process, but that was a unique challenge to be tackled. ANGIN stand alone was born in 2016!


Surviving and Proving the Model

As any early stage ventures, the first years were not an easy ride at all. We have to build everything from scratch. The bank account was empty and our team went through a lot of ups and downs: Searching the right model, building a team with no budget, not having a proper office to save cash (we were using David’s appartment), scouting for our first clients and fighting for revenue…But this time brought us unique insights on the real life of being ourselves entrepreneurs.


Seed Round Funding

Our team commitment and grit paid back: We grew our ANGIN to become the largest investor network in Indonesia, we successfully invested in more than 35 startups and established ANGIN as a key component of the entrepreneurial space in Indonesia. Prominent clients, such as UNDP, OXFAM started to contract us to support their programs. In 2018, in order to speed up our execution, we raised our first seed round from three prominent Indonesian business leaders and 500 Startups, super star VC from the US. This funding helped us to innovate new programs and new ventures ( to continuously bring more support to entrepreneurs and answer market needs.


Innovate and Grow

We are excited by the perspective to continue growing beyond an investment platform. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we aim to design new impactful services to build more impact for the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem and our clients. ANGIN Impact (our advisory arm), and our equity crowdfunding are signs of this commitment to grow further.


Since our inception in 2016, the mission has not changed at all: our team and shareholders have been striving to support Indonesia’s economic development by investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs and by bringing best in class practices to Indonesian early stage investment. We strive to do that with an independent private sector approach and by being who we serve (investors, entrepreneurs, capacity builders…).


Our team consists of diverse high-performing personalities united by the passion and commitment to support the development of Indonesia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Say hi to us!


Managing Director

David Soukhasing has been leading ANGIN since 2014. From a single person company, David has bootstrapped ANGIN, going through the downs and ups any startups (e.g. hosting the entire team in his apartment, holding meetings at coffee places…) to turn it around the leading and trusted investment platform in Indonesia.

After a career in Private Equity and startups, David moved to Indonesia in 2013 to manage the accelerator program and investments of a global impact investor supporting high-growth and impact companies. He then joined IMJ Investment Partners (Spiral Ventures now), one of the most active tech seed venture capitalists in Southeast Asia. He graduated with a Master Degree in Corporate Law and Finance from Sciences Po in France and is also taking a Master Degree in Entrepreneurship at HEC Paris.

In his free time, David enjoys climbing summits (last one was in Iran) and wandering in remote areas. He is also a food enthusiast, spending his spare time cooking


Head of ANGIN Impact

Prior joining ANGIN as the Head of ANGIN Impact, Saskia worked as a consultant in various impact driven organization projects focusing in Southeast Asia. Her specialty is strategic market planning, market intervention, SME and tourism development in Indonesia. Her big break includes Dutch ABS surfactant inception to Asia market during the subprime mortgage crisis. She also consulted on regional tourism planning of Komodo, East Nusa Tenggara; and creative development based SMEs initiatives in coastal communities include Sanur-Kuta-Nusa Dua in Bali, Sangihe Talaud in North Sulawesi, and Belitung archipelago.

She graduated with an MBA degree at the University of Gadjah Mada with several entrepreneurship credits from Rotterdam School of Management. She won the global Erasmus University MBA International Business Case competition Spring 2010. She loves hiking in nature and animal watching in the wild. With ANGIN, she hopes to multiplies impactful benefits to nurture entrepreneurs sustainably.


Operations Officer

Irien is one of the first team member of ANGIN with David.

Prior to joining ANGIN, Irien previously worked as an executive assistant for an Indonesian construction company and three years for a boutique law firm in Jakarta. With experiences in assisting different kinds of business leaders, Irien has the deep insight to manage operations and assisting all kinds of support needed working with ANGIN’s high-profile clients and projects.

Irien has been working on various projects of ANGIN, especially the TPSA (Canada-Indonesia Trade and Private Sector Assistance) project, when ANGIN partnered with the Canadian Government. During the project, she had been connecting diverse group of people which would not have happened in common occasions. Through ANGIN, she hopes to help entrepreneurs get better access to ecosystem players.

Irien enjoys travelling and she’s now learning to develop her Chinese language skills. She also likes to spend time with her little daughter.


Impact Investment Lead

Benedikta Atika is the Impact Investment Lead at ANGIN. She cannot be happier in channeling her interest in community development. Her role at ANGIN helps to unlock market-based solutions to address social issues.

Atika switched her cap from extensive number crunching in the capital market to dealing with SMEs and entrepreneurs. After having 3+ years in financial services industry at MNC Group Indonesia, she decided to contribute more on the entrepreneurship ecosystem, especially in social enterprises and impact investment. She worked with Solve Education!, an education technology organization, and Wattblock, a Sydney-based clean energy startup in 2018. She earned a master’s degree in Business Strategy and Social Enterprises from University of New South Wales, Australia, being funded by Australia Awards scholarship. Previously, she graduated from Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, Jakarta, majoring in Corporate Finance.

Atika is also an art lover. For her, drawing and exploring her watercolor techniques works like a therapy.


Tech Investment Lead

Being born as the first child, Gema Minang walks with confidence despite being the youngest team member of ANGIN. She is joining ANGIN because of her personal mission in contributing to financial inclusiveness of startups & SMEs across nation, especially in areas untouched by established players. As the tech investment lead, she is focusing on technology-based local startups.

Gema led the partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to organize a roadshow across 6 major cities in Indonesia, she also presented a keynote presentation about Indonesian startups in NextRise Conference, Seoul, Korea. Prior joining ANGIN, she has actively joined various student-led organisations, holding roles such as the divisional head in fundraising and head of general affairs. She graduated with a BSc (Hons) from the University of Leeds, majoring in International Business.

Gema is a fashion and music enthusiast, and likes to hop into one arts gallery and another in her spare time.


Communication Manager

Currently, Sarah works at ANGIN as communication manager based in Denpasar, Bali, while assisting ANGIN impact and representing ANGIN in East Indonesia region.

Sarah graduated cum laude from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2015, majoring in Aesthetics and Theory of Arts. In 2016, Sarah also led a course development research and lecture in the School of Business and Management, Institut Teknologi Bandung. In 2018, Sarah was granted the honour to present her research in Youth20 Summit, the most influential young leaders international diplomatic forum in G20 high-level state of summit as the only special guest from Indonesia. During working with ANGIN, Sarah led and wrote the Oxfam Women Spotlight project which was published online and in limited edition books. She was also in charge with revamping ANGIN’s website.

On the weekend, Sarah spends her time to binge watch Netflix and read comic books as she appreciates good story productions.


Business Development Associate

Living by the phrase “Learning is a lifelong journey”, Novi Juwita graduated with a BA (Hons) in Accountancy & Financial Management from the University of Portsmouth. Steering off her major out of passion for food, she enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu for a taste in the patisserie world. From waiting tables, working as a pastry chef in Indonesia & Tokyo, and now as a Business Development Associate in ANGIN, she believes that there is always a valuable lesson out of everything. Considering herself as a part-time bookworm with a passion in language, she is proficient in Bahasa Indonesia, English and Japanese. Conversational in Mandarin and currently learning Spanish as her fifth language.

Novi was the project leader in organizing She Loves Tech Indonesia 2019 Local Round Competition, while ANGIN being the official country partner of She Loves Tech Global Competition in Indonesia.


Investment Analyst

Valentina is currently pursuing her last year as a Business and Entrepreneurship program Undergraduates in Podomoro University Jakarta. Ever since she was in high school she always has a strong interest in public speaking and leadership and has a lot of experience in both areas. She has always been engaged in student organizations and is currently serving as the Student Body President in her university. Back then when she was still in high school, she has won a lot of public speaking championship in debating, speech and news reading. Having a life goal to help and inspire as many people as possible, brings her in to be the representative of Indonesia in one of United Nation’s most popular youth program APYE (Asia Pacific Youth Exchange) in Thailand 2016. Whereas in APYE she has the opportunity to meet youth representatives from countries all over the Asia Pacific who have the same interest to be impactful and to help others
from their very young age.

As one of the Investment Analyst, Valentina always has this strong desire to help people be the best version of themselves and to be a blessing wherever she goes. Other than that, she has been entrusted to be the project lead for ANGIN Talks, ANGIN Podcast channel that aims to be a learning material for the early-stage startups in understanding the fundraising process.


Associate Advisor

Gregoria was graduated from the University of Indonesia, majoring in Communication Science. Ever since she was sent to be an Indonesian ambassador in a cultural exchange program, Gregoria developed a huge interest in Indonesia’s diverse culture, identity, heritage, and conservation. Prior to joining ANGIN, she co-founded Copa de Flores, a contemporary clothing line leveraging authentic tenun ikat NTT to modern fashion, she was also a research and strategic content planner in a digital marketing agency.

In 2019, Gregoria joined ANGIN Impact to channel her passion to dive deeper into traditional Indonesian culture. She is responsible for advisory work related to cultural products and its innovation related to entrepreneurship in reviving cultural heritage talent.

Gregoria also likes to do sports in her spare time, developing her own personal project, or volunteer in a social project.


Associate Advisor

Ichwan worked as a project leader of various organizations focusing on community, social capital, and economic development. One of his highlighted works is designing a policy recommendation for Indonesia Financial Authority (OJK) on the development of Indonesia’s digital banking as well as working together with Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affair to critically review regulations of cooperatives and small medium enterprises. With his experiences he co-founded a social enterprise, namely Kitong Bisa Enterprise, addresses unemployment in underprivileged areas by creating and fostering an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem.

He graduated with a Master of Economics degree from Universitas Indonesia. During his time as a student, Ichwan had been in touch with entrepreneurship, he was a tourism and language ambassador for his home region, Banda Aceh. He also participated in many projects concerning cultural heritage, language, and is a believer in social change.

Ichwan radiates positive energy through his public appearances. He actively participates in various national and international youth and economic conferences, aside from that, he also loves tennis and watching movies.


We work together to shape, build, and support Indonesia’s
future entrepreneurial ecosystem.


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