[RESEARCH INVITATION] The Downs of an Indonesian Tech Startup Journey

Calling all startup founders in Indonesia!

We invite you to join in our new research project on “The Downs of an Indonesian Tech Startup Journey”. We are conducting a quantitative and qualitative research to understand more about the problem faced by most of tech startup founders in Indonesia, and share it back to the ecosystem so everyone can learn and not make the same mistakes.

First of its kind in Indonesia, the purpose of this research project is to use precedent cases of failure and mistakes to guide entrepreneurs and support organizations (e.g. accelerators, VC, universities) in their entrepreneurial journey. We will maintain absolute confidentiality of the primary data collected and won’t disclose participant’s names. We have already received more than 100 contacts from a previous round of participation.

So if you:

– Are a tech startup founder operating in Indonesia.

– Have already received external investment.

– Are willing to share your stories about the challenges that you faced in building your startup and that pushed you to pivot radically or to close down shop.

Or you may know peer tech startup founders that could be a good fit for this research. Please share your contact details (or other founders that you may refer) via this link:


The deadline for the registration of this research is November 16, 2018.

For further details or questions, please contact: research@angin.id


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