ANGIN x Oxfam & Consortium ADARA: Weavers Product Development Training

As a part of ANGIN commitment to help build entrepreneurship ecosystem in Indonesia, ANGIN has partnered with OXFAM and Consortium ADARA to conduct Product Development Training with women weavers as a part of ANGIN’s own research program recommendation, that was disseminated on 18th June 2019 in Lombok.

ANGIN focused to find practical, innovative ways for women weavers to enhance their sell-ability, by using as simplest way as possible. The training participants were coming from 2 villages, Pringgasela Selatan village in East Lombok and Sukarara village in Central Lombok.

During the 3 days training, participants are being taught how to spot trend, elaborate their own design based on high profile emerging slow fashion market, and most importantly, technical skills on how to utilize organic colorants thats available surround their neighborhood to capture sustainable fashion. ANGIN also test them directly with small B2B clients for them to understand what they want, and how to sell.

The training is conducted by deploying our own strategist Saskia Tjokro  (ANGIN’s Head of Advisory) and our expert trainers and facilitators Denny Khosuma, Niniek Indhiyanti, and Widya Sukarta (Budaya Kreatif Foundation). The training was held for three days at Illira Hotel, Lombok.

The training consisted of three parts for each day, the first part is about trend spotting and designing, the second part is about dye-ing techniques, and the last part is about marketing and selling. It was an experiential adult learning which required the participants to actively take part and made hands on actions to their own. Overall, the training was highly participative. The trainers team committed to monitoring process by keeping in touch to each one of the beneficiaries through Whatsapp Group and visitation.

With this training, ANGIN hopes to expand its impact in advisory to nourish local women leader and business talents in Lombok and help them thrive. As the commitment forward, ANGIN will be available for the follow ups on best practice for the training concept throughout. For a greener, more sustainable, and profitable local business.


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