ANGIN x Oxfam: Research Innovation Forum 2019

This  year, 2019, ANGIN has partnered up with OXFAM, Australian Aid, and Indonesia’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Women’s Empowerment to initially conduct a value chain research on eco-tourism product,  which then we mutually decided to change the subject to traditional woven textiles in Lombok. The research was done with gender-lens practice. 

The research meant to capture and initiate strategic intervention to elevate local women livelihood within their rooted culture. The research is also aligned with the anticipation of sustainability development goals. The 6 months research the disseminated during Women Empowerment Week held in Hotel Astoria Lombok on 17th June 2019. Saskia Tjokro, ANGIN lead researcher on this assignment, shared the research to the audience full of Indonesia’s Lombok sustainability strategic stakeholders, namely regional governments, decision makers, funding bodies, and direct beneficiaries. 

The Forum consisted of two parts; first one was research presentation and the second was an in-depth research dissertation. During the in-depth presentation, ANGIN translated the report to be made available in bilingual languages to bridge understanding and avoid miscommunication.

With this effort, ANGIN hopes to expand its impact to Lombok’s business key players to nourish sustainable business ecosystem in Indonesia.


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