Bandung Startup Pitching Day is an annual pitching competition held by The Greater Hub SBM ITB in collaboration with Startup Bandung, Startup Grind Bandung, and Geek Hunter. This event is open to the public with most of the participants from the startup ecosystem. The event was held in Aula Timur of Institut Teknik Bandung (ITB) on the 17th of July 2019, with 256 other startups present in the audience.

There was a total of 135 startups that applied to be a part of the pitching day; however, only a select few were able to have the spotlight and pitch their businesses to the investors. Those 25 participants consisted of mostly digital startups that focused on edutech, food tech, health, and commerce. The startups that pitched were HaloFina, Fammi, Marlin Booking, Eduka System, Luar Sekolah, Kliktrip,, Reflex, Micepedia, SimpliDOTS, Lingkaran, Pinisi -Edubox, Hear Me,, Siap Belajar,, Zafato,,, Cause Virtual Run, Sportigo, Waroong, Mandala – Netrada, Ceklab, and eLarvae. 

The judge’s panel consisted of 16 representatives from 16 different firms; the firms include Venture Capitals, Angel Investors, Incubators, and a media company. Those firms are Alpha JWC Ventures (VC), Alpha Momentum (VC), ANGIN (Angels), DNC (Discovery Nusantara Capital) (VC), East Ventures (VC), Everhaus (VC), Ficus (VC), MDI Ventures (VC), Openspace Ventures (VC), Prasetia Ventura (VC), Salim Group, Venturra Discovery (VC), Wavemaker (media), Finch Capital (VC), UMG Idealab (incubator), and Coffee Ventures (VC).

After the pitching session concluded, there were winners for three different categories, the most innovative idea, the best business pitch, and the most promising startup. The winner of the most innovative idea went to Hear Me, a subscription-based phone app, where you can talk to other people about anything you like in real-time. Hear Me gives the option of staying anonymous, and they guarantee their app to be private and safe because they don’t store any history or personal data. The best business pitch went to Ceklab. They provide a mobile-based platform where you can keep your medical records and request doctors and nurses to conduct general medical services from the comfort of your home. The services currently only consist of blood tests, but they hope to be able to conduct vaccinations, doctor consultations, medicine, etc. Last but not least, the award for the most promising startup went to HaloFina. A financial tracking app that keeps track of your expenses and gives investment suggestions depending on your goal (Goal-Based Investing). The founders made the app in hopes of improving financial education for everyone as well as teaching people more about financial literacy. 

This event was beneficial not only for the startup’s side but also for the investment side. Through the Bandung Startup Pitching Day, the few startups that were chosen and given a chance to present their business ideas to the judges had a door of opportunity opened for them. Not only that but the investors received the opportunity to review and listen to the pitches of 16 quality startups.


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