ANGIN held She Loves Tech Indonesia 2019 Local Round Final and Workshop

As the Official Country Partner of She Loves Tech, the global competition aiming to empower women working in tech startups, ANGIN organized two events, a one day workshop which acts as the pre-event which was held on Friday, July 26th, 2019. Meanwhile, the main event, which is the local round final pitching competition was held on Saturday, August 3rd, 2019. These two events were led by Novi Juwita, Business Development Associate of ANGIN and Atin Dewi Iriyanti, Operation Officer of ANGIN.

One-day workshop

The one-day workshop was part of the preparation for  She Loves Tech Local Round Final. The event began at 10am with welcome remarks from Novi Juwita. Thanking each and every attendant for making time for the event, she proceeded to talk about the need for more initiatives to empower women in the technology startup industry, wishing all the attendants’ luck in their own journeys.

The event was then followed by three workshop sessions to encourage and foster better pitching skills for the attending startups. In the first workshop session, Pitch Essentials was given by Benedikta Atika, Impact Investment Lead at ANGIN, discussing on pitch structures and contents. Each startups was allocated 10 minutes for a 1-1 consultation.  The second workshop session was conducted by Isaura Tjhiater,  Investment Analyst of Intudo Ventures on the topic of Presentation Skills on effective communication and body language. Lastly, the third workshop session was facilitated by Aulia Halimatussadiah, the Co-Founder & CMO of on storytelling and the effective storytelling structures.

She Loves Tech Indonesia 2019 Local Round Final

The local round final was well attended with 97 attendants including the audiences, partners, and VIPs, and the ten startup finalist of She Loves Tech Indonesia 2019 Local Round Competition. The opening remarks were delivered by Virginia Tan as the founder of She Loves Tech. After Virginia, two of our country ambassadors, Noni Purnomo, President Director of Blue Bird Group, and Ken Ratri Iswari, CEO of GeekHunter also delivered their stunning speech in encouraging women in their workplace, especially in tech. The opening session was closed by Rachel Olsen from Youvit as one of our supporting partners in this event.

The three judges for this event were Tanisha Banaszczyk (Investment Manager of Convergence Ventures), Nadhira Ayuningtyas (Head of Product of Tokopedia), and Gema Minang (Tech Investment Lead, ANGIN). The ten startup finalists who pitched were Ecode, Halal Local, Hawa, Skilvul, JALA Tech, Kiddo, Kostoom, Plato, T-Files, and The Newport Co. Each of them had 5 minutes to pitch their businesses, followed by Q&A with the three judges and at times extended to the audiences. The 5 key factors for the judges’ evaluation were: market opportunity, team, innovation/product, traction, followed by growth or scalability. After a tough discussion amongst the judges, they finally decided the winners as follow:

The 1st winner: JALA Tech

Pitched by Liris Maduningtyas, The CEO of JALA Tech, she explained JALA Tech’s business model on how it empowers shrimp farmers to increase their yields through technology and smart data, monitoring water quality on shrimp ponds to which this data can be accessed online in real-time. This minimises the risks of harvest failures. Reliable analysis of water parameters is also provided in their web-app to help farmers effectively manage and treat their ponds in time. To know more about JALA Tech, please visit this link.

The 2nd winner: T-Files

T-Files is the third company in this world which holds a patented technology for a renewable ocean energy using marine current. Pitched by the CEO, Nurana I Paramita, she explained how among all alternatives for energy sources like fossil, solar, nuclear reactor and so on, marine current is believed to be the best energy option for it is renewable, low in running cost, current is predictable, and causes minimum impact for the environment. To know more about T-Files, please visit this link.

The 3rd winner: Halal Local

Halal Local is a mobile application which allows travellers, especially Muslims, to get offers in comprehensive tourism needs such as nearby halal restaurants, prayer rooms, prayer time, qibla and more which can be used worldwide; covering over 140+ countries currently. Halal Local was represented by the CEO, Nurma Larasati, whereby she shared her story on how Halal Local was first started due to the challenges the she and people around her as Muslim Travellers. To know more about Halal Local, please visit this link.

Prior to the winner announcement, we also invited the judges to for their comments on the startups pitching on the local round competition. ANGIN Team then proceeded to give each of the judges a token of appreciation for their support in the event. Aside from the inspiring talks from the VIPs and the pitches, the event also allowed many opportunities for the guests to network. On top of the US$15,000 AWS Activate Package, what’s next for JALA Tech will be the preparation for them to represent Indonesia for the bootcamp & the international conference to compete with over 20+ countries in the world’s top tech Hub, Beijing, China.


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