ANGIN Hosted Focus Group Discussion: ABAC Impact Fund

On Wednesday, the 14th of August, ANGIN hosted a focus group discussion (FGD) in collaboration with UNDP and APEC Business Advisory (ABAC), formed by Presidential Decree No. 2/2018 to represent Indonesia in the APEC Business Advisory Council. 

The main purpose of this FGD is to pursue agenda of developing an impact fund. ABAC Impact fund itself is currently developed by ABAC and UNDP, aiming to fill in the gap in SME funding which is estimated at over USD 2 trillion globally. To ascertain current challenges of high impact entrepreneurs, understanding the current financing opportunity and perception towards working with impact fund, 16 prominent entrepreneurs who are working in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through their business were invited to participate. 

The event started with an opening remarks by Shinta Kamdani as the representative of ABAC member, followed by discussions facilitated by ANGIN Investment team; Benedikta Atika & Gema Minang. Participants were divided into smaller groups where they discussed their experiences and expectations across the fundraising timeline. With participants coming out of various business sectors, the FGD session concluded insightful discussion with important key takeaways from the entrepreneurs ranging from pre-seed to series A funding stage. 


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