ANGIN Impact Partners with Bangka Belitung Government to Develop Potential SMEs in the Tourism Sector

Other than ANGIN Investment, ANGIN is expanding its family to ANGIN Impact. ANGIN Impact is the first development advisory service provider run by investor network focusing on Indonesia. Developed in synergy with ANGIN Investment, ANGIN Impact aims to enable scale and tangible impact of its clients aiming to support Indonesia.  From ANGIN’s Head of ANGIN Impact, Saskia Tjokro’s initial meeting with the governor of Bangka Belitung in Indonesia Development Forum, ANGIN successfully gain a partnership to develop potential SMEs in the tourism sector in Bangka Belitung. The partnership was settled in Bangka this August.  The partnership with ANGIN includes:
  •  Existing ecosystem assessment of Bangka Belitung especially in the pepper, honey, and seafood industry sector. The output of assessment will determine the details and execution of business development training.
  • ANGIN will customize training according to Bangka Belitung’s SMEs needs to enhance their business capacity.
  • Trained SME’s showcase to ANGIN and Connector.ID’s network and support in fundraising.
Through this partnership, ANGIN feels grateful and honored to be one of the private sector’s key partners with Indonesian government. We look forward for further synergy in our mission to grow Indonesian entrepreneurship ecosystem.


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