Portfolio Update: Bank Sulselbar and GandengTangan Partnership to Support the Digital Economy Transformation

Bank Sulawesi Selatan and Sulawesi Barat (Sulselbar) are partnering with GandengTangan to support the digital transformation of the economy in micro-business. The ceremonial of this partnership was held on Friday (2/8), at Hotel Four Points, Manado.

On this event invited were the representative of OJK, Badan Pembangunan Daerah (BPD), and fintech companies to host the workshop session with the main theme of ‘Banks Collaborating with Fintech Companies in the Digital Economy Era’. This event was initiated by the Association of Region Development Bank (Asbanda) with Association of Fintech P2P Lending Indonesia (AFPI), supported by the Financial Services Authority in Indonesia (OJK).

In the workshop session, Darul Syahdanul, as the Chief of Product and Operation of GandengTangan, shared about the experiences of partnership with Bank Sulselbar since 2018. This collaboration aims to develop the financial inclusion of micro-business in South Sulawesi and West Sulawesi with technology.

“We have a similar vision with Bank Sulselbar in serving micro-businesses, especially in the distribution of productive credit. Our system that we have developed is very open for the Regional Banks, who want to collaborate with us, and could be implemented, especially to encourage financial inclusion in micro-business.” Darul stated. With the partnership between Bank Sulselbar and GandengTangan, hopefully, it could be a model for developing cooperation between regional banks and financial technology companies to develop the national economy, especially for micro-businesses in Indonesia.

GandengTangan is a fintech company which serves to connect micro-business owners who needs funding from lenders and those who strives to give a good impact for social good. As a startup accelerated by Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN), GandengTangan is committed to supporting the empowerment of micro-businesses in Indonesia in order to strengthen the national economy by peer-to-peer-lending. Up to date, GandengTangan has succeeded to distribute funding of about 12 billion Rupiah to help more than 2.000 micro-businesses in Indonesia.

The partnership between Banks and fintech companies to digitize BPD is one of the OJK’s programs since 2015. The program aims to encourage BPD to carry out a digital transformation in order to improve service for customers and stimulate the growth of new accounts as well as to be able to compete in the financial technology market competition in this massive digitalization era.


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