in Making Indonesia 4.0 Startup “Startup, Tech Provider IKM” Launching

The Ministry of Industry of Indonesia organized an event titled ‘Making Indonesia 4.0 Startup “Startup, Tech Provider IKM” to launch their Startup 4 Industry program aimed for Indonesian early-stage tech startup to grow and integrate it with the industry’s ecosystem. The event was held on Friday, 30th of August 2019 in Ruang Garuda, Gedung Kementrian Perindustrian. ANGIN’s Connector.ID platform had its booth in this event along with SENTUH and XL, and Saskia Tjokro, ANGIN’s Head of ANGIN Impact spoke about ANGIN commitment as ongoing partner for Indonesia to foster entrepreneurship through both financing and mentorship. ANGIN Is also committed to be the mentor for #Startup4Industry coachings in Makkasar and Bali this September.

The event consisted of a talk show that will feature prominent speakers from the ecosystem such as Gati Wibawaningsih (Dirjen IKMA), Fadli Hamsani (Schneider Indonesia), Adelia Anjani (Alpha JWC), Alex Budiyanto (Ketua ACCI), Amir Kamiruddin (

There were also a seminar that will be brought by Intel, OpenVINO, and SYNNEX about computer vision for industry acceleration. Amazon Web Services will also present a seminar on how to start the digital transformation within government and industry.


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