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ANGIN Impact is the development advisory entity founded by ANGIN. Pushed by our client requests and aligned with our vision to go beyond an investment platform ANGIN impact aims to champion inclusive, scalable and sustainable growth In Indonesia. ANGIN Impact team has already proven its work on more than 50 projects and has excelled in designing service solutions to impact driven organizations. From research, technical assistance, events, FGD, we are designing pragmatic solutions to accompany our clients in their journey in Indonesia.


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We handle research project (quantitative and qualitative) from end to end. From designing it, mobilizing stakeholders, data collection, redaction and distribution, we are able to support you on. Our specific access to networks, years of experience in the market, and professional team make us the perfect partner for research in Indonesia. We built our expertise among others in the area of entrepreneurship, value chains, impact investment, social entrepreneurship, SME, gender lens entrepreneurship, etc.

Strategic Consulting

We provide requested information and provide solutions to the given problem. We also provide recommendations, assists implementation plans, and conduct diagnosis that may redefine the problem. In the end, we improve organizational effectiveness and facilitate client learning.

Focus Group Discussions (FGD)

Through this service, we mobilize our network and partners to deliver you the concise tacit knowledge in a specific issue. The discussion emerges then aggregated, very fitting for organizations who need first hand unbiased private sector driven insight.

Multi-day events / Workshops and Exhibitions

With insider knowledge as our strong asset, we conduct events and curating exhibitions as well in order to strategically benefit our clients; includes a network of entrepreneurs, beneficiaries and investors. We do this to break down barriers and engage full gain from both grants and private sector funds to sustainably impacting the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Short events / Workshops

We design, deliver and execute workshops as a technical assistance/capacity-building service for a specific group of stakeholders. Our workshops and short events develop contextually, tailored, and content-wise related to more specific/focused aspect or how-to business issue such as pitching ability, social media marketing, investing 101, etc.

On-Demand Consultation

Sometimes the best way for entrepreneurs and businesses to start transforming things and being more impactful is by working together hands-on on the ground. The service tailors the dedicated consultation and sourcing by our advisors for our start-ups’ portfolio and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Educational Contents

With our continuous learning and sharing culture, we provide insights, knowledge, and news through various channels to allow you to navigate the entrepreneurial ecosystem and better understand a variety of intermediaries’ exposure so you can make more informed business decisions.



  • Powerful Proprietary Network
    Access to extraordinary leader clusters and individuals as part of the first and largest investment network in Indonesia.
  • Locally Based and Here to Stay! We empower local talents and as the philosophy of our backers and management, we built foundations in Indonesia and demonstrate long term commitment.
  • Entrepreneurial and Private-sector Approach We are entrepreneurial at heart as the SMEs and startups we support. We leverage a private sector approach in our execution to remain lean, fast, and KPI oriented in everything we do.
  • Multi-sector Collaboration Breaking down sectoral barriers, we enable genuine collaboration and dialogue between multiple stakeholders (private, government, civil society).
  • Unique Expertise and Track-record We have worked on more than 50 projects, from work in Jakarta to the remote areas of Timor. We have demonstrated unique skill set to deliver quality work to our clients.
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Signature Programmes are ANGIN Impact ongoing commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship ecosystem beyond project funds. In each Signature Programme, we aim to connect the dots along entrepreneurs’ journey by assisting them to scale and grow.


The programme means to emphasize the keys and champions in a specific entrepreneurship ecosystem. Through Spotlight, we aim to showcase inspiring stories of self-made entrepreneurs throughout Indonesia, stories which so often go unheard and under-appreciated. We hope that highlighting their experiences and successes will aspire fellow rags to riches entrepreneurs to embark on their journeys and will bring external resources to support them (e.g. donors, mentors, investors). The activities include platform development, market access connecting, product branding, etc.


Challenge Accepted!

As entrepreneurs nurturer, “Challenge Accepted!” aims to reach, connect, and educate aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs to nurture their business capability, challenging their fear, and connecting them to the right network. Support comes in terms of financial and intellectual capital development. We also urge the entrepreneurs to consider SDGs in their business model. The activities include technical assistance, platform connecting, and matchmaking.


Entrepreneur looking to raise capital? Check your Funding Posibilities here:

Since it was launched at the first Indonesia Development Forum in 2017 thanks to the support of the UNDP and Amazon Web Services, Connector.ID has supported thousands of entrepreneurs at various stages, even from aspiring ones to access capital. 

Connector.ID is leveraging technology and a proprietary matching algorithm to support entrepreneurs to instantly discover a list of capital providers that fit their funding needs and business characteristics. Similarly, investors get informed about investment opportunities that suit their preferences.

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